Anca Baboi – Lower School Class of 2027 Teacher.  Anca received a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Special Education from Al,I.Cuza University, Iasi, Romania and a Masters of Science Degree in Clinical Psychology from Georgia Southern University. She completed the Foundations Studies in Anthroposophy and she is currently completing the Teachers’ Training Program at the Alkion Institute, Hawthorne Valley. Anca joined our faculty in 2015

Stephen Balmer-High School Humanities.  Steve was an English teacher from 1980  to 1983 before acquiring a J.D. degree from SUNY Buffalo in 1987. He was a practitioner of law from 1987 to 1999. Steve joined our faculty in 2000 after completing his Waldorf teacher training.

Holly Brashares-Middle and High School Eurythymy. Holly  received her Waldorf teacher certification at Taruna in New Zealand and her professional Eurythmy certification from Dornach at Eurythmy Spring Valley. She holds training certificates in Pedagogical Eurythmy from Emerson College in England, and Therapeutic Eurythmy  from Dornach in Switzerland. Holly joined the faculty in 1996.

Karen Crandall-Lower School Class of 2024 Teacher. Karen received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s of Science in Education from Sunbridge College. Karen began her class teaching career at Waldorf Saratoga in 1992 with the class of 2004.  She picked up her second class cycle in 2006 and is currently in her third class cycle for the class of 2024.

Francelise Dawkins – High School French Teacher. Born and raised in Paris, France with French Caribbean ancestry Madame Dawkins studied at The House of the Children of the Arts for 11 years (between 9 and 20 years old). Yet, after 2 years of literary English studies at the University of ParisX, she studied  an additional two years to become an English Commercial translator in France.  She came to the US over 3 decades ago, where she began a career in fiber-arts (see her website: francelisedawkins.com).   She also has been teaching French for adults and in school programs for gifted children since coming to this country.  Her relationship with the Waldorf High School started in 2006 as a tutor for Madame Morel’s students. Francelise joined our faculty in 2013

Susan Elmore – Lower School Eurythmy Teacher. Susan Elmore attended Oberlin College and the Waldorf Institute of Mercy College (Detroit). Since earning her 4-year diploma at the London School of Eurythmy in 1979, she has also become certified in eurythmy therapy and pursued further training in theater arts.  She has performed in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom and taught children and adults of all ages for nearly four decades.  Susan rejoined our faculty in 2013

Scott Esty-Lower School Class of 2021 Teacher.  Scott holds a BA from Bates College and a Master of Music from the University of Michigan. He taught previously at the Taos Waldorf School before moving to Saratoga. Scott received his Waldorf training from Antioch University in New England and joined our faculty in 2014

Deborah Frahme-Lower School Strings Teacher.  Deborah received a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from The Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam. She has served as our Lower School strings instructor since 2005.

Richard Fron-Lower and High School  Music Director/High School Humanities.  Richard studied music at Oberlin Conservatory and received a Bachelor’s of Music degree from Boston University. He has served as a Waldorf class teacher as well as a Waldorf music teacher. He has been part of our faculty since 1995.

Susan Gilman-4 Day Preschool Teacher. Susan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Fine Arts from Skidmore College and an Arts Education Teaching Certification fro Parsons School of Design.  Susan joined our faculty in 2014.

Katie Hooper-Choral Music Teacher.  Katie received a Bachelor of Music degree from Ohio Wesleyan University and also studied at The Cummington School of the Arts in western Massachusetts. She has been a Suzuki piano teacher for 26 years and has taught choral music at our school since its inception in 1981.

Patricia Hrebenach-Lower School French.  Patty  holds a B.S. in Water Resources Management from the University of Maryland and performed graduate course work in French Studies from the University at Albany.  She joined our faculty in 2008.

Gina Gutierrez Karp – High School Humanities. Gina graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a joint degree in English and Anthropology. She taught widely in public school settings (including ESL) before attaining a Masters degree in Waldorf Education from Antioch College in New England. Gina joined our faculty in 2004.

Krystina Konanec – Lower School Handwork Teacher.  Krystina holds a Bachelor of Psychology degree from McGill University and a Masters of Counseling in Education degree from University of British Columbia.  She recently completed her Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy at Alkion Institute (Hawthorne Valley) and is currently completing her Applied Arts certification from the Fiber Craft Studio (Threefold Educational Center). Krystina joined our faculty in 2015.

Marc Largie – Movement Teacher and Director of Afterschool Sports Program. Marc has a degree in Recreology as well as Physical and Health Education. He has also received training in Spacial Dynamics. Marc joined our faculty in October 2011.

Therese Lesser ~ Early Childhood Aftercare Teacher. Therese has been an early childhood teacher for over 20 years,and received training at Sophia’s Hearth in Keene, NH. Therese joined our faculty in 2015

Nellie Lovenduski – High School Mathematics.  Nellie received a B.A. in both Mathematics and Secondary Education as well as a Masters Degree in Education from SUNY Potsdam.  She completed her certification in Waldorf High School Education with the Center for Anthroposophy. Nellie joined our faculty in 2009.

Carly Lynn – 3-Day Forest Kindergarten Teacher. Carly received a Bachelor’s degree from SUNY Potsdam in K-6 education, and holds a Master’s degree in Waldorf Early Childhood Education from Sunbridge College. She joined our school in 2005.

Mary Maschal-Rose Kindergarten  and Middle School Art Teacher. Mary holds a B.A. in Women’s Studies from San Diego State University. Mary completed her Waldorf Teacher Certification at Waldorf Teacher Education Eugene in 2006.  She joined our Early Childhood faculty in 2008.

Manon N’Dolo-Forest Kindergarten Teacher.  Manon holds a Masters degree from the Université Paul Valéry, France and a certificate in Waldorf Education from Sunbridge College.  Manon taught French in our High School for three years, then Parent-Child classes in 2008 and preschool-kindergarten since 2012.

Michael O’Donnell-Lower School Class Teacher.  Michael holds a B.A. in History from the University of California, a Masters of Art in History and a Waldorf teacher’s certificate from the Alkion Center.  He joined our faculty in 2013.

Astrea Ravenstar-Lower School Class Teacher.  Astrea holds a B.A. from Empire State College in Cultural Studies with an emphasis on creative writing. She completed her Waldorf Teacher training in 2009 from Antioch in New England and joined our faculty the same year.

Abigail Reid- Spacial Dynamics Support Teacher.  Abigail holds a B.A. from Skidmore College and completed her Waldorf teacher training in 2001. She joined our faculty in 1999.

Mary Roberts-Lower and High School Painting. Mary was trained in Art Education at the State University of New York at New Paltz, and has done graduate work at St. Rose College, SUNY Albany, and Skidmore College.  She began teaching at our school in 1999.

Elizabeth Sabatella-Lower School Class Teacher.  Elizabeth earned a Bachelor’s degree in History from Wilkes University and an Education Degree from Old Dominion University. Elizabeth received her Waldorf Teaching Certificate from Antioch University and joined our faculty in 2011.

Katherine Scharff – Preschool Teacher/Parent Child Teacher.Katherine reaped the rewards of a Waldorf education, having graduated from the Green Meadow Waldorf School in 1979. She is also  Registered Nurse. Katherine joined our school in 2005.

Alexandra Siy – High School Life Science.  Alex earned a B.A. in Biology with Chemistry and Writing minors from State University of New York College at Plattsburgh. She also holds and M.A. in Science Education and has completed Waldorf Teacher Training through the Rudolf Steiner College and the Center for Anthroposophy.  She is also a Children’s Literature Fellow at Stony Brook Southampton Arts and will receive an advanced graduate certificate in creative writing in January 2016.  She has a new book out now. Her science writing work informs her teaching, and teaching informs her writing. Details on this aspect of her work is on her website: www.alexandrasiy.com   She joined our faculty in 2015.

Linda Stallard – Lower School Aftercare Coordinator. Linda holds a B.S. in Health and Physical Sciences from the University of Wisconsin.  Linda has been working in our aftercare program since 2002.

Scott Stewart – Lower School Class of 2020 Teacher.  Scott holds a B.S. in Elementary Education and a B.S. in Physical Education from Cortland College. He completed his Masters of Science in Waldorf Education at Sunbridge College. Scott joined our faculty in the autumn of 2008 taking a new first-grade class.

Christa Therrien- Lower School Class of 2026 Teacher.  Christa earned a B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology and holds her Master’s Degree in Waldorf Education from Antioch University. She has over ten years of Waldorf teaching experience as an early childhood and class teacher. Christa was first on our faculty from 1997-2005 and returned to our faculty in 2011.

Michael Whitney-High School Practical Arts Teacher.  Michael graduated from Pratt institute in 1994 with a BA in Industrial design. He worked for many years fabricating cabinets and furniture in Brooklyn. During those years he found time to have three kids and create hundreds of one of a kind functional products using found objects. This year he will be completing his Waldorf training at the Alkion Center in Hawthorne Valley.  He currently lives in Schuylerville and hopes to continue singing with the Skidmore chorus.  Michael joined our faculty in 2014

Cynthia Wright -High School Fine Arts Teacher and Guidance Coordinator. Cynthia holds a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from Houghton College and a Masters in Arts Education from the University of Illinois.  A painter, sculptor, and puppet maker, she completed her Waldorf Teacher training certification from the Center for Anthroposophy. Cynthia joined our faculty in 2000.


2015-2016 High School Guest Teachers

Karen Arciero-High School Physiology.  Karen holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Springfield College. She is currently an Associate Teacher of Health and Exercise Sciences at Skidmore College.

Michael D’Aleo-High School Physical Science and Mathematics. Michael is a co-founder of the Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs High School. A former engineer, Michael lectures widely on the topics of science and education and co-authored the book Sensible Physics, a teaching guide for sixth, seventh and eighth grade educators.