Parent Group Committee

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Parent Group Charter

The purpose of the Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs Parent Group is to inspire, inform and organize the parent body in order to:

  • Facilitate communication between the School (Board, Administration, Faculty) and parents
  • Create a forum for parents to discuss questions and gather information
  • Build a better understanding of Waldorf education and mission to help each family maximize the benefits of the education through the Parent Guide, Parent Education and Parent Webpage
  • Ensure that new families are warmly welcomed and can easily transition into the community

Parent Group Representatives are selected by the class teacher. Parent Group Representatives can serve indefinitely providing that they remain active and engaged, and their participation is mutually beneficial to them, their respective class, and the Parent Group. Parent Group Representative responsibilities are as follows:

  • Develop a working relationship with the class teacher to establish an agreed upon communication strategy for distributing Parent Group messages (e.g., phone trees, email, etc.)
  • Develop a partnering relationship with the Class Parent to create a team approach to class communications and ensure communications are coordinated. While the Class Parent will focus on specific, logistical matters relating to that class’ activities (i.e. class meetings, trips, activities), the Parent Group Representative will have a big picture focus. He/she will represent the class, but work on behalf of whole school.
  • Consistently facilitate communication within, to and from parents in the respective class
  • Fulfill ad hoc Parent Group commitments in timely manner
  • Attend at least 75% of Parent Group meetings(Meetings held 5-6 times per year)

The Class Representatives will comprise the Steering Committee that will drive activities and provide broad leadership for the Parent Group. Two Steering Committee Co-Chairs will schedule and lead meetings and ensure that activities of the Steering Committee are moving forward. One Chair will represent the Lower and High School and will be elected every three years by the Parent Reps on the Steering Committee. 2013-2014 Co-Chairs are: Sarah Mercier, High School and Katie Capelli, Lower School

This charter will be revisited every two years (next assessment: spring of 2015) for evaluation of and adjustment to Parent Group activities.

Current Representatives

Current Chair:
Rebecca Starks


Grade Representatives:
Maple Forest Kindergarten – Caressa Himoff
Birchtree Pre-school – Rebecca Starks
Early Childhood Center –
First – Dana Gliserman Kopans & J’mae Shemroske
Second – Elizabeth Litts
Third –
Fourth – Annette DeCresce-Lawson & Ute Dyrssen
Fifth – Debra Rice
Sixth – Sandra Maresca
Seventh –
Eighth – Jen Duggal