High School

The Waldorf High School offers a rigorous academic curriculum which is balanced with a thorough cultivation of artistic skills and practical work. Learning to think is emphasized over what to think. Students are encouraged to recognize that what they learn in the classroom is relevant to their everyday lives and prepares them to create their own futures.

Week long immersion trips have recently been added to our High School curriculum. During their study of Modern History, the 9th grade will be spending time in Washington DC. The 10th grade  will study trigonometry as it relates to our world through the experience of rudimentary surveying of the land at the YMCA camp in the Catskills. A trip to Pennsylvania for the 11th grade will include walking the trail built by the Civilian Conservation Corp. observing weather, water, rock and plants as part of their Earth Science studies. The 12th grade heads to the Adirondacks  for Astronomy studies to take in the night stars and open skies.

Our high school enrollment averages 15 in each class. The students have many opportunities to mix with other students: language classes are mixed groups, orchestra and music classes are mixed, lunch times and break times are informal, and there is a weekly forum in which all the students participate.

Students in the high school continue to create their own illustrated main lesson books but are increasingly turning to other mediums to support their main lesson work. Computers are adjuncts to the main focus of the students’ efforts, which continue to be derived from lectures, observation and hands-on experience.

In 11th grade, students take up career and personal exploration through our “Junior Internship Program”.  They choose an area of interest, research issues, interview professionals and work with mentors and business partners.  Student’s journal, meet with life coaches and business professionals, participate in workshops and learn time management skills while planning their internship.  They spend a week on site participating in a business during regular business hours.  Upon returning to school, students make a presentation to the entire student body about their experiences, write a summary of their work and participate in an assessment process with the business partner and internship team member.

In the 12th grade comes the “Senior Project.” Each student must choose a project that deeply interests them and that will take most of the year to complete. Public presentations are done in May. A high school teacher is assigned to each student as a mentor to offer direction and guidance as the student plans and creates their Senior Project.  Past projects have included; building a barn, building a computer and software, making a wooden rowing skull, climbing the 46 high peaks of the Adirondacks, writing a concerto and completing internships at the New York City Opera, the District Attorney’s Office, and a Kindergarten in the Bronx.

The WSSS High School devotes one week of the academic year to Electives Week, a week when faculty and invited guests offer courses outside the regular academic spectrum. Students from grades 8 through 12 are assigned to courses based on student choice as opposed to grade level.

Community service is expected from every high school student.  The choices are quite wide and are arranged in agreement with the faculty advisor. The community service requirement appears on the student’s final transcript.



At the Waldorf School High School, we offer a substantial academic program that provides each student with a strong foundation for post-secondary work.  The following is a curriculum overview by grade:

Ninth Grade

Main Lesson Subjects

Geometric Transformation, History through Art, American History, Organic Chemistry, Thermal Physics, Comedy and Tragedy, Modern History, Geology, Moby Dick, Physiology.

Math 1 Skills Course – development and practice of basic algebra, factoring, and probability word problems, solving linear equations, quadratic equations, simultaneous equations and graphing.

Science – Physics (Thermal), Organic Chemistry, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Geology.

English Skills Class – Work with Literature, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, speaking, creative writing, spelling and short stories.

Fine and Practical Arts – black and white drawing and block printing, copper work, printmaking, woodworking, calligraphy.

Other Subjects

Foreign language, music, eurythmy, physical education.

Tenth Grade

Main Lesson Subjects

Ancient History, the Bible as Literature, Trigonometry, 10th grade play, Mechanics, Stoichiometry, Hydrology, Ancient History 2, Embryology, the Iliad and Odyssey.

Math 2 Skills Class – Euclidian geometry proofs using the axiomatic method, trigonometry, algebraic and coordinate geometry treatment of conic sections.

Science – Physics (Mechanics), Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Human Embryology, Hydrology.

English Skills Class – literature, grammar, vocabulary, expanding from the effective paragraph to the longer essay and full-length story.

10th Grade Smithing

Fine and Practical Arts – weaving, ironwork, stagecraft, color 1&2 painting and drawing, jewelry and fine metals

Other Subjects

Foreign language, music, physical education, eurythmy.

 Eleventh Grade

Main Lesson Subjects

History through Music, Meteorology, Electricity and Magnetism, Medieval Renaissance History, Projective Geometry, Dante, Atomic Chemistry, Shakespeare, Botany.

Math 3 Skills Class – complex numbers, polynomial fractions, irrational numbers, advanced analytical geometry, advanced trigonometry.

Science – Physics (Electricity and Magnetism), Atomic Chemistry, Botany, Meteorology.

English Skills Class – SAT prep work, work with grammar, a major paper of comparison and contrast.

Fine and Practical Arts – woodwork, visual design, figure drawing, photography.

Other Subjects

Foreign language, music, eurythmy, physical education.

Twelfth Grade

Main Lesson Subjects

Zoology, Calculus, Astronomy, Transcendentalism, World Culture, Biochemistry, History Through Architecture, Senior Project, Faust, Physics of Vision, Senior Play.

Math 4 Skills Class – Calculus: deepening of differentiation and integration from and equation and graphical orientation using a variety of problems in different fields.

Science – Physics (Mathematical), Biochemistry, Zoology, Astronomy.

English Skills Class – study of literature and modern poetry, students refine grammar, expand vocabulary and control various styles of writing.

Fine and Practical Arts – portrait drawing and painting, stone carving, stained glass, bookbinding.

Other Subjects

Foreign Language, music, physical education, eurythmy.