Parent Study Group – by Katie Capelli

On Wednesday mornings, bright and early, a group of parents meets with faculty member Abigail Reid both to learn more about Waldorf education and to share our experiences as parents. We began with reading “A Thousand Rivers,” an article written by Carol Black. Ms. Black delves into the murky waters of our current public school system with a historical lens, a multicultural analysis and as a parent who “unschools” her daughter. She begins with a critical review of common widespread educational assumptions and beliefs. Highlighting, “ the available ‘data’ that drives [public education] is not, as a matter of fact, the ‘science of how people learn’. It is the ‘science of what happens to people in schools.’ ” And that “collecting data on human learning based on children’s behavior in school is like collecting data on killer whales based on their behavior at Sea World”. With strong opinions about many aspects of schooling from the current reading curriculum to an exploration of learning styles, Ms. Black offered us an opportunity for rich discussions around our own experiences, our expectations, our questions and at times a critical analysis of her particular research.

temperaments2We are now beginning to read “Watching Your Temperament: Advice for Parents and Teachers”, written by Thomas Poplawski, a Eurythmist and Psychotherapist (the essay begins on page 93 of the book). We welcome you to join our lively discussions at our meetings or at other times if you are unable to attend. Please contact Abigail Reid for more information.