Thermal Physics – by Mr. Moise

We started our Thermal Physics block by practicing metric measurements in the context of a science lab. In the next three weeks we will define the concepts of temperature, thermal expansion and specific heat through experiments, discussions, and mathematical calculations. The students will continue this block by discovering and learning the meaning of some complex concepts from classical thermodynamics like convection, conduction, phase changes, pressure, etc.

    DSC_0004  Most mornings we will start our class with a short walk around the school building. This is an opportunity for all of us to refresh our blood circulation and the oxygen supply to the brain as students learned in the 8th grade physiology block. I will remind everybody that it is healthy for the students to go early to bed every night to be rested and refreshed next morning.

      David Mitchell, a well-known Waldorf teacher and author, indicates that the end of the fourteenth year is that point in the student life’s when the intellect is being born and the individual begins to find enjoyment in logic. Teachers and other adults become the whetstones upon which the teenagers sharpen this new found ability to reason.  The curriculum of the Waldorf school attempts to meet and exercise these forces. In 9th grade science block the emphasis is on logic. Students are not only observing the phenomena, but they are learning to think through everything they observe and learn in the classroom. Students are working in the lab individually and in groups, they make measurements, record data, graph the results and interpret data (draw conclusions). They learn the fundamentals of the scientific method through a phenomenological approach  

       Regardless if students will study science or not in college, the science Main Lesson blocks build the capacity of students to think objectively in the world.DSC_0008