First Grade French – by Mme Hrebenach

I feel that language is a vital means of communication between people, as well as a gateway to understanding and accepting particular cultures, as expressed through meaningful sound.  With each language we learn, we increase our social range, and our understanding of the world in which we live.

In first grade French class, we will explore French language almost exclusively in the target language.  We will sing, play, recite poetry and listen to stories and fables in French, and also do some fun drawings.  We will play games and sing songs with the goal of enlisting the students’ vigorous participation in a group setting.  This immersion style teaching also allows children to become bathed in the sounds and rhythms of the language.  Vocabulary recognition is not stressed, but does tend to occur naturally as the children act out verbal commands such as walking, running, jumping, dancing, and so on. By the end of the school year the children will also be familiar with colors, numbers to 20, and body parts, and will have learned an impressive number of songs and poems in French. Most importantly, I want the children to have fun in French class, and to learn to love the language, as the culture emerges within their beings.