Seventh Grade handwork – by Ms. Bradley

The handwork curriculum for Grade 7 brings new opportunities for linking the work of making something with one’s hands and the reality of day-to-day living.  Many handwork classes in Grade 7 at Waldorf schools focus on making clothing using hand-sewing, a skill that has been lost in recent generations in many parts of today’s world.  Sewing by hand strengthens neural pathways related to speech, overall focus and attention, and according to much research, math skills.  Each class has its own unique nature, its own needs, strengths, and abilities.  This year’s class play will likely be done with puppets and/or marionettes and much of our work in handwork class will be devoted to supporting the play: making figures of both a human and animal nature, making clothing and gear for them, and so on. As the class adapts to its new constellation this year, other projects may be added as appropriate to the class’s presenting needs.