Buddies Painting Owls – By Mrs. Sabatella

Every first grade class gets a buddy in the fifth grade class.  These buddies stay together until the fifth grade leaves the lower school after 8th grade.

The current 4th grade and the 8th grade have spent their buddy time over the past four years together doing a variety of activities.  A few weeks ago we gathered together to sketch an assortment of owls.  Outside the rain fell in a steady stream and could be heard tapping against the windows.  The students sat side by side with their heads bowed and shared ideas and encouragement.  The 8th graders worked with their colored pencils while the 4th graders used their beeswax crayons.  There was a soft contented hum of conversation across the classroom as nearly 48 students sat working together.

The next day, the 8th graders painted their owls with Mrs.Karp.  They used a wet on dry watercolor technique.  The following day, the 4th graders visited the 8th grade classroom to view the majestic owls that they had painted and hung in their room.  The 4th graders then went back to their own room and painted their own owls using the wet on wet watercolor technique.

Here are some of the fruits of that collaboration.

IMG_6944 IMG_6947 IMG_6953 IMG_7060