4th Grade Woodworking – By Mr. Litts

As an energetic lad within these very walls, my rambunctious nature was instantly quelled when it came time for handwork, especially woodworking. My love for traditional methods of crafting has grown over the years, and I’m fortunate to be able to bring my experiences to our children. Rather than presenting a more common “shop class” type of curriculum, we’ll focus on working with wood as an artistic medium; carving with chisels, shaping with rasps, and smoothing with sandpaper. To finish each project, we’ll use mineral oil to accentuate the wood’s grain pattern. Throughout the year, we’ll be exploring different types of wood, the way they react to our tools’ exertion, and creating beautiful pieces along the way. We’ll be working with basswood, and other softwoods that lend themselves to carving and shaping. We’ll begin with shaping an egg, then move on to form Egyptian runes, and then fashion a cord-making tool known as a “lucet.”