Fourth Grade’s Taste of Saratoga

A Taste of Saratoga Springs – by Astrea Ravenstar


In fourth grade, the students study local geography and history. As a part of our studies, the class and I went on a walking tour to taste the mineral springs here in Saratoga. The springs combine both the geography and history of our city, while providing the students with a multi-sensory experience. We visited eight different springs and the students tried the ones that were in operation, with much excitement and some trepidation after sampling the first one!

The next day in class, we reviewed our journey through Saratoga in preparation for a writing assignment based on our experiences. We were working on descriptive writing and I encouraged the class to give the reader a real “taste” of their experience, not just to say a spring was “good,” or “I didn’t like it.” I suggested combining adjectives to give a detailed picture and gave a couple of examples.

At first, the class was quiet, trying to come up with descriptions and not quite landing on anything. Then, one student raised his hand and said that one of the springs tasted like, “an old penny soaked in dirty gym socks!” Well, that set the flood gates running! After that, we had springs that tasted “clear and bubbly,” “cool and crisp,” and “like rotten eggs in old bath water!” It always amazes me how much the children teach and inspire one another to be creative. This was just one of many examples throughout the school. This year, as you go about Saratoga, you’ll have to see if you can find the old-penny-gym-sock spring!