The Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs


The Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs values the healthy development of the whole individual, in mind, body, and spirit. Through a focus on academics, music, art, and movement, our bountiful curriculum—based on established and evolving Waldorf principles—inspires creative thought, discourse, human connections, and experiential learning. We graduate global citizens who have initiative, social responsibility, and enthusiasm for life.











The Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs was established in 1981 by a group of parents and educators dedicated to Waldorf education. They wanted to offer students a developmentally-aligned curriculum that educates their whole being—mind, body, and soul. Over the years our school has expanded from its humble beginnings into an elementary school and high school, and is now proud to be the only independent K-12 school in Saratoga County. 


Our program meets children where they are at each phase of their development—from the active, play-based years of early childhood to the interdisciplinary and sensory-rich elementary years to the teenage years of yearning for meaning. We graduate socially-responsible global citizens who are curious about the world and eager to contribute to its vibrance. 


Victor Hugo once said, “Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.” As we move into the middle of the 21st century, our society faces unprecedented challenges, on multiple levels—ecological, civic, and human. Waldorf education, developed over 100 years ago and currently the world’s most rapidly-expanding independent school movement, has never been more important or relevant.

Key Characteristics of Waldorf Education

Experiential Learning


Waldorf students learn through reflection on doing. Multi-sensory classroom experiences, labs, demonstrations, projects and immersion trips are first experienced, then transformed into earned knowledge. We ask our students—“What can be discovered?”— encouraging them to develop an innate curiosity through self-discovery. The end-products of the Main Lesson book, research presentation, performance or essay are the culmination of a process that started in direct experience.


Arts Integration


The Waldorf School values art and music. We do so not only because of the aesthetic beauty they bring to the world, but also because of the profound ways in which working in the arts develops the intellectual, emotional and physical capabilities of our students. Arts integration gives students tools for a lifetime—reaching all types of learners, stimulating different parts of the brain and developing dexterity and confidence. The infusion of arts throughout our curriculum is the cornerstone of a rich multidisciplinary approach. Fine arts, woodworking, metalworking, drama, vocal and instrumental music are available for every individual to experience. 

Outdoor Learning


There’s no time like the present to be outside. It’s good for the spirit, allows for social distancing and reduces transmission rates. It’s also an essential part of a Waldorf experience and something we have always done. Now more than ever we’re prepared to continue with outdoor learning and expand existing opportunities.

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WSSS Over the Years!

The Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs is a nonprofit, independent school that welcomes students of any race, religion, and national or ethnic origin.