Board of Directors

Comprised of: 13 individuals from the faculty, parents and community.
Function: The Board is responsible for the Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs policies, procedures, properties and adopting an annual operating budget for the school.  Additionally, the Board focuses and works on enrollment and development for the current and long-term fiscal health and vibrancy of the school.

For the 2017-18 School Year the Board of Directors is:

Richard Frank, Board Chair
Arthur “Burt” Porter III, Treasurer
Katharaina “Kathy” Jaques, Secretary

Madonna “Donna” Behen
Sarah Day-O’Connell
Scott Esty
Nellie Lovenduski
Anne Maguire
Manon N’dolo
Michael O’Donnell
Debra Rice
Eric Sabatella


Comprised of: Faculty Members
Function: Oversees hiring and firing of full time and full time equivalent faculty and staff as well as changes to governance structure.  Provides leadership within the school in all areas of pedagogical work- the education and care of all students, the education and development of the faculty, and the education of the general community in matters of Waldorf education.

For the 2017-18 School Year the Collegium is:

Steve Balmer
Karen Crandall
Richard Fron
Gina Karp
Nellie Lovenduski
Anne Maguire
Mary Maschal
Michael O’Donnell
Astrea Ravenstar
Abigail Reid – Collegium Chair
Katherine Scharff
Christa Therrien

Governance Council

Comprised of:  Faculty members elected by fellow faculty.
Function: Leadership group, chosen by their peers, whose task is to carry out the day to day decision making function necessary for the smooth and integrated operation of the school.

For the 2017-18 School Year the Governance Council is:

Steve Balmer (HS)
Nellie Lovenduski (HS)
Carly Lynn (ECP)
Anne Maguire (Admin)
Astrea Ravenstar (LS)
Abigail Reid (LS)
Katherine Scharff (ECP)

Parent/Teacher Liaison Committee (PTLC)

Comprised of: Faculty representatives of each school branch
Function: Fields concerns of parents that cannot be resolved directly between the parties involved. Any parent can approach any member of the PTLC regardless of what part of the school their child attends.

For the 2017-18 School Year the PTLC is:

Steve Balmer
Anne Maguire
Abigail Reid
Katherine Scharff