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There is nothing like your first glimpse into a Waldorf preschool classroom. You might first notice the soft pastel colors that surround you. Perhaps you’ll be intrigued by the natural wooden toys. Maybe you’ll be amazed at how busy the children are – so much so that it is likely they won’t even notice you! Some children might be grinding wheat to make their own loaves of bread or they might be stacking wooden blocks and pretending they are animals in the zoo. You immediately get swept away and feel nurtured, interested and alive. Imagine how the students feel each day!

Throughout the Lower School and High School, the joy and enthusiasm for learning is palpable. Our students are engaged and looking forward to each new day to discover what will unfold. You can see and feel the difference.

During our open houses, we invite you to sample our programs by hearing our students sing, seeing our seniors demonstrate physics experiments, experiencing a puppet play in the kindergarten, and meeting our amazing faculty, students and alumni.

We hope you say, as so many of our visitors do, “I wish that I had this education when I was growing up!”

Don’t just take our word for it. Call, schedule your visit. Experience how exciting Waldorf education can be. To contact us and for directions to our campus, please click here.