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Fourth-grade Fractions Fun

The 4th grade has been studying fractions through music, cooking and working with money. Last week, they set up a "Village Marketplace." Each student hosted their own "store" stocked with an item of their choice and sold their wares to each other to practice counting money and making change. They have also been testing and compiling recipes in their own cookbooks. Math can be so delicious and fun! #4thgrade #fractions #handsonlearning

Portraiture in the High School

Both the seniors and 9th grades recently completed portraiture blocks. Here is a look behind the process each class went through. 12th grade portrait painting is a discovery of self. Students experiment with techniques for painting in pastel, acrylic and oil paint. In sketchbook work, students explored their facial features, proportions, aged themselves, worked with shadow and nationality. We also used the quarter to explore an artist in history and make a self portrait in that historical style reflecting in written form the visual connections made to the artist and reflecting on the artist's place in history. Our “All of Me” Painting is comprised of pieces representing the map of ourselves

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