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Let the Games Begin! Pentathlon Brings Ancient Greece to Life for Fifth Graders

The annual Fifth Grade Pentathlon took place last week at the Lake Champlain Waldorf School in Shelburne, VT, with our school joining six other Waldorf schools from across Vermont, New Hampshire and New York. This annual fifth grade tradition brings the students a chance to live into their curriculum, specifically Greek history, for two days. As with all aspects of Waldorf curriculum, the event is designed to align with the students’ development. In fifth grade, as students are experiencing the height of childhood just before moving into middle school, the study of history evolves from story and legend into written history. The class begins the year studying ancient Mesopotamia, India and Eg

Anchors Aweigh! 8th Grade Takes on Penobscot Bay

More than an end-of-year field trip, the WSSS 8th Grade Trip is designed to be a capstone to the Lower School experience and bring challenge, adventure, group bonding and a sense of self to our rising high school students. Past trips have included a multi-day paddle down the Battenkill and backcountry skiing in the Gaspé Peninsula, Canada. This year’s crew is taking on Penobscot Bay, Maine this week! Here are a few visual highlights:

Rock on 9th Grade!

The 9th grade wrapped up their geology block with their practicum exam last week! Geology is the main earth science subject covered in 9th grade, where they learn the major forces that shape the earth. They look at plate tectonics in depth, including the evidence and mechanisms that exist, as well as plate boundary types, the rock cycle, identification, and geological features. Students also typically also spend time outside looking at natural phenomena such as caves, quarries, and faults. In their coming high school years, these 9th graders will broaden their experiential exploration of earth science with blocks in hydrology, meteorology and astronomy. You can read more about our high schoo

6th Grade Embarks on Medieval Games

The 6th grade spent two days living into their curriculum on Medieval history and culture last week at the Pine Hill Waldorf School in New Hampshire through the traditional Waldorf Medieval Games! The challenges were fun and required thought and courage. The shire-groups were a mix of kids from four Waldorf Schools. These four schools came together last year at Lake Champlain for the Pentathlon (where they lived into their study of ancient Greece as 5th graders -- more on this year's trip soon!). Upon their arrival, the kids remembered each other well! "This is what made the biggest impression upon me," said class teacher Karen Crandall. "Just as our kids had gotten off the bus, these Wald

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