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8th Graders Explore Passions Through Service Learning Projects

The 8th grade class spent January through end of the school year taking some ambitious service learning projects from inception to completion. The projects varied widely from student to student but each had several consistent elements -- a service component, journaling, public presentation to class and families, and a main lesson book including research, biographies, reflections on the process, photographs, poems and more. Each project taught the students some lessons no text book ever could -- including how to work independently, how to budget time over a long-term project, writing proposals and letters, concept design and planning, flexibility and how to adapt to changing plans and circum

Science Through the Grades

Waldorf curriculum through the grades is often referred to as an “ascending spiral.” Rather than one subject taught as one course in one year (i.e. earth science in 9th grade, biology in 10th, etc.), subjects are studied through immersive 2-hour main lesson blocks over 3 to 5 weeks and are revisited in a deeper and more sophisticated manner as the students move through the grades. In the lower school, students are introduced to the animal kingdom, botany, geology, physics, chemistry and mechanics. Each topic is examined in greater depth in the high school science curriculum. The life science discipline of botany, for example, is introduced in 5th grade, focusing on local flora, and examine

Class of 2018 Takes Flight!

We're happy to announce the post graduate plans for our class of 2018 (pictured here with Mr. Beasly). We hope you'll join us for a unique and personal graduation ceremony on Friday, June 8, at 6 PM at the Canfield Casino. Congrats to our seniors! Isabella Guarnieri will attend the Sante Fe, New Mexico campus of St. John’s College where she plans to pursue pre-med studies. She was also accepted at Hampshire College, New College of Florida, and Eckerd College. Isabella converted a school bus to a mobile home for her senior project. Leora Cohen-Tigor will attend the University of Vermont, where she also plans to pursue interests in the medical field. She was also accepted to Skidmore College,

Ending the Year With a Look at Beginnings...

The 10th Grade is closing out the year with their Embryology block with Ms. Siy. In addition to studying the human being in his/her development from a single cell, the students study all aspects of cell biology including organelles, mitosis, meiosis and cell respiration. One of the highlights is raising chicken eggs to observe the developmental changes species go through as they age and develop. #experientiallearning #10thgrade #highschool #science

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