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Lessons From the Tidal Pool

As main lesson blocks wrap up this week, our seniors are settling back in to their classroom after spending a week among tidal pools in Hermit Island, Maine where they studied the flora and fauna of the North Atlantic coast first hand. Along with Ms. Morgan and Mr. Whitney, they were joined by other 12th graders from Waldorf schools around the Northeast. They navigated seaweed-covered rocks in the process of exploring life-filled tide pools, waded through thick mud in search of soft-shelled clams, painted land and seascapes, learned about dune ecology and the genesis of beach forms, and investigated the tiny details of several ocean dwellers with the help of microscopes. This rich exploratio

Main Lesson Blocks Are Underway!

It's a new school year, and our classes are settling in to their new classrooms and first main lessons of the year. This uninterrupted block of learning each morning allows the class to explore a single subject through a variety of activities over the course of several weeks. Throughout the year, classes will study everything from language arts to history to math and science. Here is a glimpse of what each class is beginning the year with! Grade 1 -- Form Drawing The 1st grade year begins with the idea that all forms derive from one of two basic principles: the straight line and the curved line. These principles are explored both kinetically and on paper, as form drawing trains motor skills

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