Voyage of Discovery Breakfast

The Voyage of Discovery breakfast is both our biggest fundraiser of the year, and our biggest outreach event of the year. It takes place over the course of a single hour. The morning begins with a welcome from the President of the Board of Directors and a short performance from a class (grade 3 this year). After a brief pause so everyone can begin eating, we show a video about the school. After that, our keynote speaker, this year it’s Abigail Reid, gives an overview of their experience of Waldorf. Two other speakers, a high school student and a parent, follow that. Finally, a member of the board steps up to ask those assembled to make a donation to the school right then. The event ends with a thank you from the Development Director.

Because of how the event is set up, it’s important that we have both an accurate count, as well as table groupings in advance, so RSVPs are VERY necessary, and table hosts help us to organize how we seat people.

If you have any questions, or just want to attend, please feel free to contact Matt Kopans, Development Director-