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Science teacher, Paul Beasly, in his "Virtual Lab" for 9th grade Thermal Physics

Waldorf Saratoga:

Educating Beyond

the Classroom

For Grades 9-12

Join in on our 3-4 Main Lesson Intensives, or build new skills with Math, English, Art, and

Foreign Language Courses!

Main Lessons offered:

Anatomy and Physiology (April 20 to May 8) - 9th Grade
Moby Dick (Literature Block, May 11 to June 9) - 9th Grade
Ancient History (April 20 to May 8) - 10th Grade
Astronomy (Earth Science, May 11 to June 5) - 12th Grade

The WSSS is also offering high school skills classes.  The 4th quarter begins April 6 and students may be eligible to receive credit for completing courses in the 4th quarter.

Skills Classes:

9th Grade; Linear-quadratic systems of two types: circle-line and parabola line. 
10th Grade; Formal proofs, geometry and logarithms
11th Grade; Complex number theory and application
12th Grade Calculus Track; Methods for differentiation and integration
9th Grade; "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien and American History
10th Grade; Reading a series of short stories, writing critical essays focused on content
11th Grade;  Dante’s “Divine Comedy”
12th Grade  Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”

Foreign Language:

French (9-12 Grades)

Studio Art:
Iron working with European 4-in-1 chainmail weaving (9th and 10th Grade)
Sculpture at home and outdoors with recycled materials (11th and 12 Grade)

Interested students will need to go through an application process which includes an interview 
and assessment prior to joining these classes.

The class sizes are small and taught by dedicated teachers.  Spots to join these classes are very limited!  Our teachers are available to answer any questions and to discuss how these classes work.

The cost for each Main Lesson is $500 and for one quarter of a skills class is $525.

 Please contact our Admissions Office at

or 518-587-2224

for more information or an application.

*Students will receive credit if the class is completed.*

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