What Do Parents and Alumni Have To Say
About The Waldorf School?

“The world moves at lightening speed and presents both adults and children with constant impressions that are both positive and negative. The modern world demands our children to grow up too fast and seems to have forgotten how to honor the magic of childhood. Children need to play, children need to move, children need to be outdoors, children need art, storytelling, and opportunities to figure out their place with their peers, with adults, with the world around them in their own way, in their own time. This is not a luxury but rather a necessity. For our family we desperately needed and found these opportunities in the early childhood educational programs offered at the Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs. Our children LOVE school and are disappointed when we have weekends or holidays. They have become confident, articulate, compassionate, and aware children. The love the natural world around them and are discovering their unique talents and strengths as human beings. They are absorbing the magic and wonder created by the teachers and programs offered to them. They know how to knit, cook, paint, tell stories, sing, play instruments, perform, think independently, read, write, and do math. They adore learning and are enamored with life. The environment at The Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs is so nurturing, and rich with reverence for children that it is palpable when you walk through the doors. The school is a treasure and a gift!” Krista Reville – Parent
“After putting our first two children through mainstream education, we feel confident that we made the best decision to put our third child, Nicolas through Waldorf Education. We know that he is being challenged academically and supported physically and spiritually on his journey to adulthood. Waldorf Education has given him the gifts of an inquisitive mind, an open heart and an inner confidence that will serve him well in college and beyond!” Sandy and Mario Maresca – Parents

“Second, Third, and Fifth Grader who really like going to school every day… who are mad at me if they don’t get to go to school. That’s not a bad thing.” Michael Whitney – Parent

“Waldorf education is remarkable and has impacted my life and that of my siblings, children, and family in many ways. It develops the whole person allowing one to think, feel, live, be, and explore life. It allows children to be children and to enjoy the wonder of the little things in life. It allows one to develop all facets of life to sustain oneself simply yet appreciate the things of the modern world. The stories of Waldorf live on well past the school years and throughout life. Waldorf is a special education that is truly unique and valuable in today’s world.” Candice Murry – Waldorf Alumna and Parent

“Waldorf School and my teachers there offered me the sense that I could engage in anything I had enthusiasm for. More than just informational preparation for the greater academic and social worlds (although there certainly was plenty of that), I got a creative sensibility from my education that makes those worlds easier to navigate. I was taught to take deep pleasure and gain theoretical insight from the day-to-day of learning–something I can’t imagine operating without.” Leif Weatherby – Waldorf Alumnus
“If I can make an attempt to say a few words to the many new parents who are starting their journey with this wonderful school. I would say that it is very important for you to become a student as well. Take the time to understand why your student is getting the education she/he is getting. Understand the importance of their lessons, and the history of this type of education. This will help you and your children to be a strong part of the Education and of the School. And most of all be a part of the experience, get involved, help out, help the teachers and staff and be a good example to your children, your loved ones.” Michael Carlito – Waldorf Parent
“The positive impact that fourteen years of Waldorf education has had on me grows more and more apparent the older I get – whether it be a continued genuine love for learning in all contexts, a willingness to approach problems from new or unusual perspectives, or a willingness and excitement in working collaboratively with others without a sense of competition – the traces of Waldorf influence are everywhere in my life as an adult. The breadth of subject matters that were covered during my time as a Waldorf student has helped me maintain a flexibility and open-mindedness in my work that is immensely useful in my current field (psychology), and inspired in me a love of learning that has greatly facilitated my intellectual and professional development throughout college and graduate school.” Katie Lewis – Waldorf Alumna
“When I think of the experience my boys have been fortunate to have at the Waldorf School I think of their experience as living life in “color” as opposed to living life in “black and white. Waldorf is a place that is not home but feels like an extension of what you strive for your home to be. For us it has made us better parents, better people, healthier, happier, more whole, and part of something bigger—part of a community of people that have the same beliefs and priorities in life and for their children. These things represent the family that we are with Waldorf and we cannot imagine our family without Waldorf”. Kelly Valmore – Waldorf Parent
“I’ve been a parent at the Waldorf School for over 16 years – all four of our daughters have attended. Our experience with the school includes the support we received for a daughter with Down syndrome, who attended from Kindergarten all the way through 8th grade graduation. This school has nurtured my children as students, has nurtured me as a mother, and has provided a very special community to which we all belong. I will forever be indebted to the Waldorf School for all that we have gained and shared.” Tisha Graham – Waldorf Parent
“Waldorf education gave me a positive world view of aesthetics, nature, and human kind. It provided a solid foundation for a life of creativity and original thinking that has guided me through life with my family, studies, and my career. Because of my positive Waldorf experience, my son now attends the Waldorf School, an education that will prepare him for life.” Alex Riccio – Waldorf Alumna and Parent
“Waldorf education fostered in me a lifelong love of learning. It is because of my Waldorf training that I find every challenge to be interesting and surmountable. It was the Waldorf community that instilled in me a great appreciation of community and drove me to seek out and foster community and partnership wherever I am. The teachers at the Waldorf School always challenged me to see things from new and exciting angles, a view that I try to take in many aspects of my adult life.” Jack Murphy – Waldorf Alumnus
“I have attended three different Waldorf-based schools. I love the Waldorf system’s way of integrating art, science, history and culture into one lesson in the classroom. While studying the laws of physics I heard biographies intertwined with discussions of the ruling ideas of the day that the philosophers overcame to come to their independent conclusions. I observed first-hand the original experiments that they conducted to prove their theories, and painted the results. The history of humanity came alive to me in the stories and drawings of my teachers while the natural world was illuminated through the study of botany, ecology, physiology, and meteorology. I am a proud Waldorf alumna.” Wendy Beatty – Waldorf Alumna
“I brought my daughter home from Ethiopia at age 8, and enrolled her in the Waldorf School. The gentle, nurturing environment was the perfect way to introduce her to English and to a new culture. The rich oral tradition of storytelling was an accessible way for her to integrate into her new life without the pressure of having to read and write before she was ready. Thank goodness for this school.” Jennifer Armstrong – Waldorf Parent
“We’ve been members of the Waldorf community for nearly 12 years. All of us – we as parents, as well as our kids – have felt incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience this amazing school. Waldorf students emerge richer, wiser, healthier young adults, more ready for the daunting challenges of today’s world, than we ever could have imagined. They have an evident abundance of creative insight, of confidence, and of academic, spiritual and aesthetic resources available within themselves, all of which seems so rare in young adults these days. Waldorf education is entirely worth every measure of cost it entails. We see the proof of the wisdom of Waldorf education clearly visible in the young adults who graduate each year ready and excited to meet the challenges of their lives with an array of powers we non-Waldorf educated parents can only marvel at.” Peter Feldstein and Sandra Mercaldi – Waldorf Parents