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10th & 11th Graders: Educating Beyond the Classroom

This week the 10th & 11th Grade students wrapped up a Meteorology unit with Ms. Morgan!

A note from Ms. Morgan about the class and students' work:

"Meteorology is organized around the theme of forecasting, starting with forecasting weather and extending to forecasting climate change. The development of meteorology as a science has been driven largely by the practical problem of predicting future weather, for anywhere from a few hours to many decades into the future. The problems of weather and climate forecasting are really hard; progress toward solving them has required advances both in technology (measuring instruments, communications technology, computers, and computer models) and in theoretical understanding of the physical principles that govern the behavior of the atmosphere. Hence, the theme of forecasting, including some look back at the past, encompasses most of what we want to learn about the process of science as it applies to the discipline of meteorology. 

Students examined current weather maps; structure of the atmosphere and the role of moisture in the development of dew, clouds, precipitation, air masses, and fronts. Each student chose one weather phenomenon and researched the fundamental qualities that caused it. A few topics were: Hurricanes, Lightning storms, El-Nina, Polar Vortexes, and Virga. One of my favorite Homework Assignments was when each student walked, biked, or skateboarded 1km. Together the class conquered the altitude of the Troposphere!"

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