"Children at Play in Nature" exhibit captures an important essence of our early childhood

Just in time for Earth Day, a photo exhibit curated by the Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs early childhood faculty will don the walls of the Four Season Cafe on Phila Street through the end of April. The exhibit’s theme is “children at play in nature” and celebrates the learning, growth and wonder children experience when offered the freedom of self-directed play and direct interaction with the natural world and each other.

“As educators, we observe many special, sometimes profound, moments as children create imaginative worlds and carry out extraordinary ideas,” said Waldorf kindergarten teacher Carly Lynn. “These photos allow us to see the world through the lends of childhood — to witness how play develops interest in and wonder about the world and fosters creative thinking and problem solving,” she added.

The photos were taken over the past decade at our school’s two early childhood campuses — the Waldorf Early Childhood Center on Lake Ave., where preschool and kindergarten programs are offered in a garden and neighborhood setting, and the Forest Kindergarten, a unique space on state park land featuring forest trails, a large yard, chickens and rabbits. At the Forest Kindergarten, children spend most of the day outside year-round. The photography exhibit will move to other venues to be determined around the Saratoga region after April. Kudos to Carly and her colleagues for so beautifully capturing what free play in nature brings to our early childhood students!

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