Senior Project Presentations Impress!

From converting a school bus into a mobile home, to learning Italian, to producing a documentary film on freestyle skiing — Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs seniors have been busy pursuing their specialized interests with some very ambitious senior projects to cap off their high school educations. This past Thursday, each student presented their senior project to family, friends and the school community.

The Senior Project is the capstone to a Waldorf education. Each student spends his or her entire senior year working on a longterm project before presenting it to the public in the spring. Each year the students demonstrate the ability to devise, plan, undertake, finish and publicly present some weighty projects. Some past projects have included building an astronomy observatory dome, exploring Indian vocal music and establishing a bee keeping practice. This year, the students have explored the following areas:

  • Reforming Fashion: The Art of Re-Purposed Clothing — by Joonhee Seo

  • The Outer Layer: Designing and Manufacturing an All-Natural, Vegan Skin Care Line for Young Adults — by Flavie Doyon

  • Listening with Your Eyes: An Exploration of American Sign Language and the Cochlear Implant — by Leora Cohen-Tigör

  • The Magic School Bus: Converting a School Bus into a Mobile Home — by Isabella Guarnieri

  • Illustrating Italian: Immersion in Italian Language, Culture and the Arts — by Dani Armstrong

  • From Design to Creation: Building and Branding a Longboard — by Nicholai Witt

  • The Secret Life of Freestyle Skiing: A Short Film About the Development of "Free Ski" and Its Athletes — Evan Sabatella

Kudos to our seniors for tackling and completing some exciting and ambitious projects!

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