6th Grade Embarks on Medieval Games

The 6th grade spent two days living into their curriculum on Medieval history and culture last week at the Pine Hill Waldorf School in New Hampshire through the traditional Waldorf Medieval Games! The challenges were fun and required thought and courage. The shire-groups were a mix of kids from four Waldorf Schools. These four schools came together last year at Lake Champlain for the Pentathlon (where they lived into their study of ancient Greece as 5th graders -- more on this year's trip soon!). Upon their arrival, the kids remembered each other well! "This is what made the biggest impression upon me," said class teacher Karen Crandall. "Just as our kids had gotten off the bus, these Waldorf kids 'found' each, and ran to greet their old friends with warmth and excitement."

The groups stayed connected throughout the day and a half of games, working and strategizing together and enjoying each other's contributions to the overall experience. One favorite moment for the class was to see a Tesla car up close. Elon Musk was one of the entrepreneurs studied during their business math block, and the students were amazed at the elegant design and the virtually soundless engine. The class looks forward to seeing their good friends from Pine Hill next fall when they visit Saratoga for the 7th grade orienteering expedition!

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