Lessons From the Tidal Pool

As main lesson blocks wrap up this week, our seniors are settling back in to their classroom after spending a week among tidal pools in Hermit Island, Maine where they studied the flora and fauna of the North Atlantic coast first hand. Along with Ms. Morgan and Mr. Whitney, they were joined by other 12th graders from Waldorf schools around the Northeast. They navigated seaweed-covered rocks in the process of exploring life-filled tide pools, waded through thick mud in search of soft-shelled clams, painted land and seascapes, learned about dune ecology and the genesis of beach forms, and investigated the tiny details of several ocean dwellers with the help of microscopes. This rich exploration into marine biology was the capstone of a month-long block on zoology: the characterization and classification of the vertebrates from fishes to mammals; the physical and genetic relationships between phyla; and a review of the work of Carl Linnaeus and the modern system of taxonomy through studying the biological ideas that led to Darwin’s The Origin of the Species. In addition to their main lesson book, their work set the stage for another individual project -- the creation of a children’s book. Next up the 12th grade enters the world of German folklore as they become immersed in their Faust main lesson block with Mr. Balmer during the better part of October.

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