12th Grade Wraps Up First Semester and World Cultures Block

Friday's lunch had an international flair as the senior class hosted a World Cafe to celebrate the end of the semester and mark the completion of their World Cultures block. In addition to foreign language learning beginning in 1st grade, our 7th grade Quebec City trip, and our high school foreign exchange and international student language immersion programs, dedicated class time to World Cultures and World Political and Economic Systems gives our students diverse perspectives that will help them navigate an increasingly global world upon graduation. In their World Culture block, the 12th grade takes up the very broad question of "What Is Modern Culture?" To do this, the class examines a variety of countries that present themselves as either problematic or signs of home in the plight of humanity today. Students engage in research that leads to to in-class presentations about the geography, history and cltures of these areas in order to better understand some of the present issues faced within not only these areas but also the global community at large.

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