Grand Finales to Their Waldorf Educations!

No room for senioritis for these students. Our 12th graders have been working hard on their senior projects -- the capstone experience of their Waldorf education! Last week, they presented to the whole school community what they learned while tackling some pretty ambitious projects -- from building a log cabin by hand, to producing a short documentary on the impact of plastic on our oceans, to creating a video game, to converting a stock Jeep to an off-road vehicle. Fashion, music, film, pottery, aviation, glass, jewelry, Polynesian culture and more were covered.

The senior project is looked upon as the culmination of the student’s Waldorf education experience and demonstrates the ability to devise, plan, undertake, finish and publicly present a self-chosen, weighty project. Each year, the projects are as varied as the students themselves. All project, regardless of emphasis, must contain an academic and an artistic component. In all cases, the students set out and meet significant challenges, ones that force them to make appreciable advances in already-existing capacities or to make a marked breakthrough into a discipline that is entirely new to them. Students begin thinking about these projects in the spring of 11th grade and solidify their ideas by the fall of their senior year. Throughout the year they work closely with both an in-school mentor and an out-of-school mentor. These mentors assist and guide the students in their projects, but it is the responsibility of the student to maintain those relationships.

The class of 2019 and their projects include:

Suzanne More-Straton, "Plastic: Measuring the Impact on Our Changing Seas"

Laura Howe, "Posthumous Bach: The Evolution of a Musician and His Music"

Lilia Sattler, "Move: A Jewelry Collection Highlighting the Psychological Benefits of Fidgeting"

Jordan Weiss, "A Pane in the Glass"

Phineas O'Brien, "Finding a Story" (producing a feature-length film)

Kathleen Rembish, "Deck of Cards" (creating a fashion line)

noon Lydia Pendergast, "A Safe Place for Sleep: An Exploration Into Audio Sleep Aids"

Jack Conway, "Log Cabin: The House That Jack Built"

Tyler Grubb, "Through the Knightingale" (creation of a video game)

Emma Fenton, "Exploring the Art and Science of Pottery"

Elliot Sabatella, "Journey Through Polynesian Art"

Yannai Arazi, “Becoming a Pilot in 2019”

Jacob Valmore, "Jeep Cherokee ORV: Transformation of a Stock Jeep to an Off-Road Vehicle"

Scroll through our gallery to see more work from these remarkable seniors!

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