Sixth Grade Geology Goes Deep!

As part of their geology block with Mrs. Ravenstar, Grade 6 had the opportunity to spend a day last week exploring a limestone cave system in Clarksville with Adventure In Adventure Out guides. This opportunity to delve 40 feet deep into the earth not only gave them a muddy hands-on perspective on the fossils, under ground rivers, and layers of bedrock we walk upon in our region, it also tested their comfort zones and gave them the opportunity to embrace a grand adventure. "In many ways, this content rich and experiential learning mirrors the inner development of the 6th grade student," noted Mrs. Ravenstar. "They are experiencing new emotional waters that have an effect on them, changing them, just as the water shapes the cave systems." Highlights included wading chest-deep in an underground lake, discovering centuries-old coral fossils, and trying out the phenomenal acoustics with some songs from chorus in complete darkness.

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