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6th Grade, Educating Beyond the Classroom

A note from Mrs. Ravenstar about the 6th Grade and our Educating Beyond the Classroom program:

"The 6th grade has been continuing their study of the Middle Ages. We have been developing complex sentences, sharing our work with one another, and learning a new world of technology through Zoom calls and emailing! The class has also been working on a research project that was begun weeks ago and they are presenting their learning to each other through Zoom calls. 

The class has been designing their own Coat of Arms based on medieval designs that represents each individual, and they're preparing a life-size drawing that will eventually make it onto their wooden shields."

Mrs. Ravenstar, preparing a handwork project to sew juggling balls

Nacy with a poem entitled "The Knight's Code"

an art assignment that Izzy completed exploring watercolor pencils, "finding signs of spring"

a main lesson page from Maela about the Viking attacks of Europe in the medieval times

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