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Morning Glory Kindergarten, Educating Beyond the Classroom

A note from Miss Susan:

"The Morning Glory Kindergarteners finished sewing their baby blankets at home and are having zoom calls with Miss Susan to make their baby.  The babies are snuggling together at Miss Susan’s house.  When they are all finished being made they will go home to the children in the next care package"

a note from Georgie's mom:

"Hello Everyone, I wanted to share our flowers from the forsythia clippings.  The YouTube video Miss Susan sent was helpful.  They are all starting to bloom now.  The flowers are so beautiful and love the bright yellow they add to our living room.  I also attached a few pictures from today’s art flow.  We made rainbow hand prints on canvas.  The first couple turned out great!  I then just let Georgie go to town mixing colors on another blank canvas which ended up with  wonderful variation of chromatic grays."

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