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Outdoor Learning

We are expanding our proven and well-established model of having outdoor classrooms for all students! COVID-19 research suggests that this model will help keep our children and staff healthier by significantly reducing the risk of transmission. A recent New York Times article by Ginia Bellafante, "Schools Beat Earlier Plagues With Outdoor Classes. We Should, Too," highlights some of the benefits of outdoor classroom spaces. Bellafante writes,

"A 2018 study conducted over an academic year looked at the emotional, cognitive and behavioral challenges facing 161 fifth graders. It found that those participating in an outdoor science class showed increased attention over those in a control group who continued to learn conventionally. At John M. Patterson, an elementary school in Philadelphia, suspensions went from 50 a year to zero after a playground was built in which students maintain a rain-garden and take gym and some science classes, the principal, Kenneth Jessup, told me."

We are considering a variety of models that could work in our climate for the warmer Fall and Spring months. They will require simple building or construction, as well as purchases (heat lamps, tents, wood, etc.)  If you are interested in helping us construct these spaces or would like to donate towards our purchases, please be in touch with Manon Sabatier:

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