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Senior Project Presentations!

The Senior Class of 2020 Presents Their

Senior Project Presentations!

Please visit to view their virtual presentations.

Congratulations Seniors, on a year of hard work and dedication!

Mira Van Patten: "Exploring Art Therapy"

Sophia Dubrawski: "A Taste of My Ancestry"

Sakeenah Coleman: "The Psychological Impact of Alopecia"

Benjamin Nathan: "Spa City Series"

Cary Juan Richard Moré-Straton: "The History of Traditional Wooden Boat Building"

Jacob Sullivan: "Conundrum: The Process of Creating an Album"

Andrew Lomnes: "Restoring a '77 CLC"

Cyrus Duggal: "The Musical Process: My Experience Creating an Album"

Juliet Fluty: "Legacies and Legends of Modern Dream Catchers"

Mia Merton: "Exploring Indoor Skydiving"

Jaden Kobor: "Fashion Through the Decades"

Hyrum Balog: "Creative Non-Fiction: Hiking with an Eating Disorder"

Loretta Harvey: "Yoga and Meditation"

Alexandra Bretz-Aguirre: "The Different Voices of the Political System: A Short Film"

Chastant Shontz: "The Process of Writing a Novel"

Murdock Pitts: "Clothing Collection" (coming soon)

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