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The 6th Grade Consider the Silver Lining

Mrs. Ravenstar asked the 6th Grade to think about the silver lining of our current situation for their weekly "quick write."

"We are in a dark house separated from each other. I still have hope that we will see each other again. Staying at home alone with my family is hard. My silver lining is hope that I get to go to school again." ~ Justin

"When I first heard we would be in quarantine, I thought it would be terrible because that’s how people put it out to us. But slowly, over the course of these few weeks, I have discovered many silver linings such as being able to play more on my trampoline. I also have much more reading time. My room stays neater because I have time to clean it. I also get so much more time with my cat and family. So I think this quarantine may seem bad, but I am doing pretty well." ~ Maela

"In times of crisis you can always find a silver lining. I have a few silver linings. One of them is getting to sleep in. Another one of my silver linings is being able to do other things when you finish all your work. For instance, during the snack break I like to ride my bike. My third silver lining is being able to spend more time with my family. You should always look for silver linings when times are difficult." ~ Daniel

"In this hard time while the coronavirus is going on, people have many different opinions. I am doing the best I can to keep calm in this situation but sometimes it is really hard. My Silver Lining in this hard time is, I get to spend more time with my family and animals. Also, the sun has been coming out a lot, so I get to play outside and jump on the trampoline. I made up a pretty cool routine on the trampoline that I practice almost every day, and I also made up a routine with Ellie. I also have been eating way better because I have more choices to eat and more to eat than just the food in my lunchbox. My instrument has also brought me some joy in my days at home.

The silver lining in these times for me, is hope and positive thinking. Focus on good things. Try not to read sad articles or look too much into the coronavirus, if you dwell on it, it will bring you down. I like to think that I am so grateful that we are fighting it. Yes lots of things are happening, but they are not happening to me, or my family, or my friends. I am also so grateful that we have all this technology to help schools; to help hospitals. The list goes on and on! The silver lining is: look for the good things." ~ Katie

6th Grader Molly working hard from home, with some help from a friend

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