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The Importance of Play in Waldorf Education

Everyone at WSSS has been missing play, teachers and staff included. Here's a throwback to our Fall Fest, when Maleri and Marianne danced joyously!

Waldorf education prioritizes play above screen-time, as studies on healthy child development recommend. While reimagining the re-opening of schools, Waldorf educators are urging officials to consider the importance of play in the new educational structures.

Read endorsements for play in education:

This article in The Guardian:

“We ask that, once it is safe to do so, the loosening of lockdown is done in a way that allows children to play with their peers, without social distancing, as soon as possible. This may mean that close play is only permitted in pairs or small groups or within social bubbles that allow repeated mixing with a small number of contacts.”

The experts, who specialise in child mental health and development, warn that children will be suffering from loneliness and isolation after being required to stay at home as part of the national effort to stem the spread of coronavirus.

While ministers will be keen for schools to kickstart academic studies and begin the process of catching up on work missed, the panel of experts who represent five universities including Cambridge and Sussex, say play will be essential to help relieve stress and anxiety among children."

This piece from the online Waldorf library:

"Play allows children to use their creativity while devel­oping their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cogni­tive, and emotional strength. Play is important to healthy brain development."

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