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Welcome to "Waldorf Saratoga: Educating Beyond the Classroom!"

We've missed seeing our students face-to-face, but are excited about the many ways our new program "Waldorf Saratoga: Educating Beyond the Classroom" illuminates our teaching and strengthens our community. We've decided to dedicate this blog to sharing students' projects and progress, teachers' thoughts on distance learning, and resources for how parents can assist their children during this difficult time.

Lower School Chair Karen Crandall's thoughts on how to incorporate a little more joy into our screen time:

"When we see each other in person, we usually light up inside like a little flame catching a new breath of air. We honor each other with that sparkle that comes through the eyes as we recognize and greet each other. This everyday experience does not translate over the screen. When on the screen, we feel connected based on the past and in knowing each other, but that subtle present-moment flicker of recognition and greeting that is exchanged is lost now. After staring into a screen for hours, something in us becomes dull and even cool, if not cold. This is really difficult for a social group of kids. I would like to experiment a little bit, in two ways, with somewhat of a remedy for our social dilemma. The first remedy is silly but may bring back some laughter and giggling that was a part of every day. Beginning Monday, every day of the week will have a theme. Monday will be Hat Day. Tuesday, Tie Day. Wednesday, Special (inanimate) Friend Day, Thursday, Weird Ear day, and Friday, optional or a class generated option. The interest that we will have in looking at each other will help us carry through the rest of the morning’s lesson."

Lily works on her drawing of Charlemagne for her 6th Grade class. She's also engaged in a research project on medieval literature.

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