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WSSS May Day Celebrations!

Last week WSSS students celebrated May Day, from a distance and with their own twists. First Grade student Jackson made a flower crown, did some candle dipping, and made paper cones to put flowers in. His classmate Althea designed and created her own maypole, danced around it with her family, and made treats for her neighbors.

Our administrator Abigail Reid wrote about the history of WSSS and May Day:

"We have celebrated May Day for over three decades at our school and have danced around the Maypole in Congress Park, Eastside Rec, and our various schoolyards. The flower crowns and the ribbons, the skipping and dancing children, all made for a beautiful celebration each year. Though we celebrated in our own way at home this year, I am imagining the weaving to be made from the warmth of our faraway connections and the sweet memory of the festivals we have celebrated over the years. Happy Spring to all!"

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