Student Work

Waldorf students are well-rounded, well-spoken, and insightful citizens of the world.  They engage in volunteerism,

out-of-the-box thinking, and programs that allow them to experience real life in a hands-on way. 

Some of these types of programs include:

Junior Internships

Senior Projects

Plays and Theatre Arts

Service Learning Projects

Foreign Exchange

Week Long Curriculum Based  Field Trips

Examples of our students' extraordinary work are below!

Junior Internships

The Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs hosts an internship program each year for the Junior Class.  The students have an opportunity to explore a field of their choosing for one to two weeks in February for an on-the-job experience.  Prior to February, the students learn real world skills through classes in resume building, public speaking, and interviewing. 
Through this program, our students have both traveled the globe and worked locally, partnering with opportunities from politics in Senator Chuck Schumer's office to astrophysics with Neil Degrasse Tyson. They have worked at nature centers, childcare facilities, art therapy offices, and airline engineering firms.  With each internship, the students grow their understanding of the world and develop a confidence that they will carry with them beyond our high school doors.  Take a look at this year's Junior Internship Presentations!

Senior Monologues

The Senior Monologues were created in lieu of the annual Senior Play. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, students were asked to change their idea of what this Play Main Lesson Block would look like -- and they more than rose to the challenge. Please see the message from our Play Director, Isaac Newberry, below:

"What a journey this past month has been for all of us. Plans have been cancelled and plans have been changed, as we collectively work together toward the noble goal of preservation of those we love and even those we may never meet. This has been a truly unique event in any generation, and I am often awestruck at the ability of humanity to quickly adapt to new circumstances and make the best of it. These students have been no exception.

To lose oneself in a good book, a favorite movie, a loved television show, a great song, a well-acted play, or the story of a well-written video game is an incredible feat of imagination that we often take for granted. The artists that collaborated to produce these works have given us a mighty gift that provides us a portal into others' minds, the ability to live out experiences that we might not have otherwise, and to even explore realms that may never be. 

These students have taken the most singular of expressions - the monologue - and worked together to transform a simple recitation into creative expressions incorporating the settings, costuming, and supplemental technicals that could be crafted using only items found in their homes. In the midst of a world turned upside down, they've walked in another's shoes and created something new.

Many of you may recognize moments from your favorite movies, tv shows, plays, musicals, and even music albums. I do hope that you enjoy the creative takes that we've produced and appreciate the work that these students have put into each. Without further ado, please enjoy the "show!"