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Waldorf Within Reach 2023-2024 

An affordable Waldorf education.


The Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs is proud to introduce Within Reach - a bold new tuition model that eliminates tuition barriers, guaranteeing inclusion, accessibility and transparency. For over 100 years Waldorf Schools have prioritized acceptance as a central tenet of generating diversity, the most important quality of healthy communities. Within Reach renews this commitment by adapting tuition to every unique financial situation. Contact us today. Waldorf Education is now Within Reach, for everyone!

Sliding Scale Tuition:  We’ve done away with budget caps and eliminated the old tuition assistance process. Brand new in 2020, our sliding scale tuition model combines an unbiased algorithm with your unique financial situation to determine an equitable and realistic cost of education. We’re making a firm commitment rooted in the belief that finances shouldn’t eliminate your child from a Waldorf education. Transparency and accessibility to this program are achieved through implementation of our online tuition estimator and our FACTS based online Sliding Scale Tuition application.

Sliding Scale Tuition Calculator

Give us just a little bit of information, and we can estimate the tuition for your students:

How many early childhood students are you interested in attending the Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs?

How many grade 1-12 students are you interested in attending the Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs?

Please enter all information to get a calculation

<<Estimated Tuition Message>>

Scholarship Program

Sometimes a conversation is still the best path to success. The third tier of the Within Reach program reaches families whose circumstances fall outside of the Sliding Scale Tuition range. If required, we can dive into possible need-based, merit or diversity scholarship opportunities for students in grades one through twelve. The essence of our education is the desire to include and cultivate every unique perspective even when financial challenges exist.  

Sibling Discount

We understand that multi-child families are planning for not one education but several. In addition to considering your total cost of tuition within our sliding scale model, we also offer 10% - 20% discount increments when multiple children are enrolled at the same time.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact us at:

     Alexandra Queenan

     Admissions Coordinator

     (518) 587-2224

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