Wish List

Make our wishes come true!

(Where possible, the item links to a version of the item for clarity)

The Forest Kindergarten wishes for:

  • 100% wool blankets (used are fine – even with holes in them!)
  • A metal Wagon with wooden sides and all-terrain wheels THANK YOU
  • A chef’s knife for the cook (she says any of these would work)
  • Sleds for the Forest.  Something like this, but anything heavy-duty!
  • A new indoor bunny wooden hutch.   This one would be the ideal deluxe version.   It needs a tray underneath where they live.

The Lower School wishes for:

The Middle School wishes for:

The High School wishes for:

  • 6 Room Darkening Curtains to help with plays in the Eurythmy Room
  • 15 Soldering Irons stands for practical arts THANK YOU!!!
  • 1 flat screen computer monitor for the student “computer lab” THANK YOU!!!
  • 1 nice 2 drawer lateral locking file cabinet, wood preferred, metal okay (to create a quiet corner for sick students to rest)
  • 8 block planes for practical arts  THANK YOU!!!
  • A Multi-Cultural Reading Library (15 copies of: Persepolis, by Satrapi; The Joy Luck Club, by Tan; American Born Chinese, by Yang; Ceremony, by Silko; Night, by Wiesel; The Healers, by Armah)

For Practical Arts:

Last year’s graduating Senior parents generously remodeled the High School Kitchen as a graduation gift to the school.  Now the Culinary Club needs to update their tools!

The Culinary Club wishes for:

For a link to the entire culinary club list on Amazon click here